Excellent connection with the main urban areas (Badajoz, Mérida, Cáceres, Plasencia, Madrid, Seville, Lisbon, Gijón).

Railroad terminals and connections with seaports. Freight easily transported from/to the ports of Portugal and Southern Spain.

Badajoz Airport: Flight connectivity to important cities in the world through the international airports at Madrid and Barcelona.

Extremadura is a European region located in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula.
It is formed by the two biggest provinces of Spain: Cáceres and Badajoz.

It is the region, between the two mayor capital cities of the Iberian Peninsula:
Madrid and Lisbon, making Extremadura the main link of connection.

One of the 17 Autonomous Regions of Spain.

Area: 41,634 Km2. (7.0% of the Iberian territory).

The capital and the headquarters of the Regional Government are in Mérida.

Extremadura has infrastructure enabling connectivity with the main cities of the peninsula

Direct access to a market of 16.5 millions
of consumers within a radius of 400 km.

Extremadura is a great hub to access the Spanish and Portuguese markets through its good communications with the most important Atlantic seaports of the Iberian Peninsula (Lisbon, Aveiro, Sines, Algeciras, Huelva, Seville).

European Region, open, crossborder.