Abundant natural resources, with more than 20 nature reserves and protected areas, together with many opportunities to practice sports such as hunting, fishing, trekking, and mountain bike...

More than 3,000 hours of sunshine in 2012.

It is the region with the most kilometres of inland coast in Spain and one of the longest in Europe, with four river basins and forty dams.

Low levels of pollution or other environmental problems.

Excellent hotel infrastructures: monumental state-run hotels, Rural Hotels, bed and breakfast, etc.

A rich gastronomy, offering several products with a designation of origin supported by gourmets and most famous chefs around the world.

The lowest square meter price of housing in Spain.

It is a place in which innovation and development, ancestral customs and historic cultural heritage come together in perfect harmony.

Its artistic monuments testify their history, and also host events that express their future.

Network of small and medium-sized well-communicated cities , with excellent service facilities infrastructures (health, education, trade, leisure...)