Extremadura is one of the European regions with the largest network of resources to provide financial support to your investment projects.

Our aim is that your project is given all possible support and so, we offer the following financial tools:

Direct investment grants (maximum financial aid in Spain: 25% big companies and 35% Small & Medium Enterprises).

>> Direct subsidy to companies for their investments in Extremadura

>> Type of projects supported:

Creation of new production centres.
Expansion, updating and transfer of existing production centres.
Integration of clean technologies in enterprise.
Adaptation of products to new markets.

>> Production sectors

Extractive and manufacturing industries.
Agro-food and aquaculture..
Cottage Industries.
Hotel accommodation or rural tourism establishments.

>> Eligible expenditure for subsidy: Civil works, equipment and previous studies for the project (planning, project management and project engineering works). According to the requirements of the project, land purchase may be an eligible expenditure.

Private equity

>> Private Equity Fund, Extremadura Avante I: Extremadura Avante has set up a public-private Management Society of Venture Capital Fund Entity (SGECR) and the first Venture Capital Fund with a budget of 30 million euros.

>> Private Equity Fund, Business Corporation of Extremadura: Business Corporation of Extremadura usually participates directly in the equity of the company, always with a minority share and a temporary vocation.

Participated loans

>> Avante E2i Line. This line is focused on financing technology-based companies and projects with a marked innovate character.

>> Avante Direct Line: Tailored financial solutions for companies. Direct participation to strengthen the funds. Different loan modalities: micro-credits, financing of entrepreneurs and consolidation line for non-current and current assets.

Favourable loans

>> Funding through a bonus interest rate of a loan transaction formalised by companies in the region, ir order to undertake investments in Extremadura.

Recruitment grant: up to 6,500 € in case of stable contracts of:

>> Women.
>> People under 30 years old.
>> People over 45 years old.

More recruitment grants available in case of people with disabilities, long term unemployed, etc.


>> Support and specific services for a wide variety of foreign markets operations.
>> New markets. Prospecting and data analysis.
>> Organization and participation in outbound and inbound trade missions.
>> Direct participation in national and international fairs and in relevant trade events.
>> International tendering, product authorization and certification, institutional support.


Invest in Extremadura will provide you a high value added personalised counseling in order to provide you the largest financial support ensuring the maximum agility of the administrative procedures.

Investors will be advised by a "Project Manager", who will provide the following services:

Identification of the most appropriate funding route.

Detailed information on funding and incentives in Extremadura from the Regional Government and other public administrations (local, national, UE, ...).

Advice during the preparation of the file process and negotiation.

Helping you to identify "best practices".

Promote links and communication with the Public Administration.

Monitoring in the implementation of projects.